Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bloggin' the day away...

Let start by introducing ourselves...

Humans: Bob and Cathy

Jack Russell boys: Bradey and Spike.

JRT girls: Demi, Roxi and Kimber.

Airedales boys: Chance, Dutch, puppy boys...Fletcher and Webster.

ADT girls: Grandma Rose, JoDee, Susie-Q and Lizzy.

Border Collie: Ewe B Jaye

Miniature Poodle: Travis

and the 6 kitties...Fred, Puddy, Romeo, Barn-E, Hannah and Tina Tiny.

and the smelly rat "Arthur" who is here to "teach" the JRT's what a rat is!

We really are good terriers (most of the time) and we have trained our parents very well. We get along with the kitties too, as long as the kitties play by our rules. We think the kitties enjoy playing games with racing to the gate, spin the kitty and several others...'course we change the rules every day. Our house can get noisy with us playing kissy-bitey-barkey face. Our Momma is a groomer and keeps us lookin' pretty darn cute! 'Cept the JRT's have to get their hair pulled out as she prefers them with a natural stripped coat. Airedale terriers get clippered unless they have to go show and earn a championship. We will check in later with 'ya all and post some photos of us.